17 September 2004: Flagpole antenna for 2.4GHz WIFI

Supplies needed:
300 ohm TWIN lead ribbon, non-foam type.

Proper coax and connectors for your WIFI card, I used coax from a cell phone car antenna.

Soldering iorn, and solder

Small Hobby knife

This postscript file cutting guide

Requseted as per whiners with cheap hardware, here is the cad of it, not designed for printing, but here if you want to cad it yourself.

If your familiar with J-POLE antennas, you should not have any problems constructing this one. As far as I know, I am the first to use a clean J-POLE design and have success with it.
If not, the postscript file should have enough information as to how it should look, however...
Here is the photo of it before sealing the cut ends and coax.
flagpole antenna

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