The date indexes are off by about 298 seconds as indicated by a time resync. -289.820 Fri Aug 15 17:28:19.000

Therefore the power outage occured at about Thu Aug 14 16:10:25 2003
(1060892115 - 298)
Data log during an HOUR of the event. Note the event lasted for longer than reported as sections went off line, and whatever source kept power to my home, kept attempting to repower downed grids.

This 26 hour graph shows they typical dips (brownouts) I have been complainiung about rotated to a new hour slot. They used to happen between 4:05 and 4:20 both am and pm, every day. I knew something was going to happen months ago, and was prepared for it with all sorts of alternative energy sources. Fortunatly I did not need to use any of it, and had the oppertunity to graph the event. Even if power would have failed, my hacked UPS would have provided my main computer 8 hours of data.